Economic Services

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, economics is “the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth”. At The Dream Consulting Firm, we provide economics services that enhance our clients formulate and implement economic policies and programs within their institutions. We apply techniques of economic analysis to help businesses, regulators and policy makers evaluate and implement strategic decisions.  We also use microeconomic and macroeconomic theory, Econometrics, quantitative techniques and financial modeling in conjunction with sector expertise to formulate tailored advice to small to medium firms or companies.

The Dream Consulting Firm offers business answers, using economics as a tool to solve an economic problem. Based on detailed and robust forecasts and analysis, we assist guests:

  • Take informed decisions;
  • Advising a company on how to react to new taxation regulation;
  • Modeling the potential effect of a new commercial phenomenon.

We deliver broad industry experience in energy, electric power, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, telecommunications, media and entertainment, shipping, fiscal services, transfer pricing, and intellectual property. Presently, The Dream Consulting Firm provides the following Economic Services:

  • Market Analysis and Research

Market research is any organized attempt to accumulate data about target markets or clients. It is a really significant part of business strategy. Market research is one of the key ingredients used in maintaining competitiveness over competitors. At The Dream Consulting Firm, we provide important information to identify and examine the market need, market size and competition to our clients. We carry on both qualitative techniques such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, and ethnography, as well as quantitative techniques such as customer surveys, and analysis of secondary data enables our customer to claim valid business decisions. Our strong team provides systematic gathering and interpretation of data close to individuals, firms or organizations using statistical and analytical methods and techniques of the applied social sciences to gain insight or support decision making as well as providing food and exceptional analysis via tables and graphs. Our Market Research Service is designed to give clients:

  • Insight and Perspective on key industry data
  • Deep analysis on where markets and technologies are directed
  • Data and analysis on the latest market and technology developments
  • Market sizing, forecasts, and relevant industry data
  • Macroeconomics Research and Analysis

At The Dream Consulting Firm, our macroeconomics consultancy team delivers macroeconomics research to determine data forecasts of the Ghana and global economies, helping our clients stay ahead of the game in anticipating future economic developments and how these developments are likely to impact their businesses. Our squad is likewise responsible for analyzing the economic production of entire states, their status in the international market and how they allocate their limited resources to maximize output and promote growth for future generations. We also offer our customers with exceptional and outstanding macroeconomics analysis via tables and graphs.

  • Microeconomics Research and Analysis

Our microeconomics consultancy team is currently one of the Ghana’s strongest microeconomics research team, and has provided our client with large variety of microeconomics data as well as  advised many small firms and medium firm on communications, rail travel, wind power, fuel pricing, tourism, online retail, insurance, commercial real estate, house prices and affordable housing, congestion, quality management control and health provision to promote sanity and growth of their institutions. Our strong microeconomics analysis serves as an essential instrument to build strong customer growth through graphs and tables.

  • Budget Analysis

Budget analysis is performed by our monitoring and analysis team to determine the current spending and predict future budget needs. At The Dream Consulting Firm, our budget analysts investigate financial data of small and medium company so that they can provide decision makers and small firms with crucial info that helps shape the for the next fiscal period. Our strong team provides cost-benefit analyses of several of their clients’  projects to see which are effective and should continue, and which are inefficient and should either be amended or stopped. The main aim of our budget analysis is relatively straightforward: to ensure that our clients, whether public or secret, remain effective and financially solvent. Our budget analysts have investigated the expenses and profits associated with an organization’s activities, and we demonstrate our findings and recommendations to organizational decision makers in a budget proposal.